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Fool’s Gold was established by artists Meredith Christine and Michael Murphy in MC’s Austin apartment, where she somehow managed to a) drag a laser engraver (bought with student loans) up three flights of stairs, b) not die from improperly venting the fumes out of a sliding glass balcony door and c) make, pack and ship everything from a 6 ft square area in her bedroom. Originally going by the brand name ‘Diamonds Are Evil’, the goal was to apply a mix of traditional and modern techniques to industrial materials to create cool shit that didn’t rely on unethical diamonds, gemstones and metals. A tragic stroke of bad luck caused the domain name to be lost to a lab-grown diamond company (?!?!) which prompted the name change to ‘Fool’s Gold’.

While ever-evolving with new materials, technology and aesthetic exploration, the styles embrace both striking textures and a modern urban aesthetic. With a cult following for the brand’s bold statement pieces, the collection has since evolved to include signature themes and exclusive custom designs.

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company profile:

noon design office


business content:

1- aggregating information and ideas related to housing and community

2- designing projects that account for the needs of people

3- all business incidental to each of the preceding items



1- sustainability through design

2- beautifully designed solutions to current social issues

I believe that when someone expands their mind, nourishes their body and does the work to enhance their mood – it creates space for your best self to come to the table and encourage others to do the same.

I’m not a chef, just a girl who likes getting high, making snacks and sharing food. This site is a project of self-love dedicated to the healing rituals of cooking and community. Oui’d Cafe are recipes for our current times, our high times.

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