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architecture and interior design firm form as function logo by meredith christine

Established on a reputation of excellence, Form As Function is more than just a luxury design firm, it is a lifestyle studio built on offering tailored services dictated by the needs and wants of our clients. Being a full-service luxury design firm, we cater to the needs of our clients, from inception all the way through to construction. We are known for our expertise and tailored experience in the industry. Offering an extensive range of architectural and interior design services, we ensure an exceptionally high-level finished result, going beyond expectation and delivering excellence in quality with meticulous attention to detail.

Drawing on our vast pool of talent, we offer a full-service architecture and interior design service. By working closely with our clients, we interpret every client’s needs and desires into sophisticated and timeless designs, deeply suited to their lifestyle, taste and needs.

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fool's gold logo - meredith christine

Founded by Meredith Christine and Michael Murphy, Fool’s Gold set out to elevate ethical and accessible materials into a modern line of products. The brand draws its inspiration from art, music, design and sustainability.  Each item, concept or idea exists in unity with both people and the planet.

The brand is an ode to Meredith’s personal style, while ever-evolving with new materials, technology and aesthetic exploration. The resulting designs embrace both casual comfortability and a modern urban aesthetic. With a cult following for the brand’s bold statement pieces, the collection has since evolved to signature themes, staple daily drivers and exclusive custom designs.

Heavily influenced by the structural designs of modernist architecture, as well as expressive modern art, Meredith reimagines classics while maintaining a distinct, modern aesthetic. Her work interprets the rich cultural, architectural and natural environments she encounters into a singular aesthetic: a rawness balanced with elements of art, architecture and design.

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ouid cafe - weed lifestyle brand - meredith christine

Just a girl who likes getting high. making snacks and sharing food.

The recipe format is something that my grandpa developed years ago. He passed away before fully completing the project, so I’m excited to share it here =)

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